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Welcome to the web site of Truck n Trolley. Established in 1992, we have 20 years experience in manufacturing and supplying material handling equipment to all types of industry. 

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Material handling equipment

A range of sack trucks
Sack trucks
Range of turntable trolleys and trailers
Turntable trolleys
Single end tube platform truck
Platform trucks



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A range of shelf, picking and maintenance trolleys
A range of distribution cages
Distribution cages
A range of benches
Benches & tables
A range of scissor lift tables
Scissor lift tables
A range of mobile safety steps
Safety steps
3000Kg pallet truck
Pallet trucks
PVC strip curtains


  JR Film truck

Film Trucks


Our range of trucks, trolleys and material handling equipment include access steps, box trucks, cash and carry trolleys, drum trolleys, electric stairclimbers, flexible conveyors, garden centre trolleys, hazardous substance cabinets, janitors trolleys, mobile safety steps, magliner, nesting rollcages, order picking trolleys, plastic tote boxes and containers, pallet wrap, pallet cages, packing benches, stainless steel trucks, plastic trolleys, platform trucks, pallet trucks, roll pallets, roller beds, roll pallet straps, sack trucks, safety steps, security cages, security cupboards, self levelling trolleys, stainless steel trolleys, self tipping bins, shelf trolleys, shrink wrap, shopping trolleys, storage cages, medical trolleys, cabinets, storage bins, stainless steel benches, stretch film, scissor lift trolleys, tea trolleys, telescopic conveyors, three way trucks, tray trolleys, vehicle loaders, warehouse steps, wire mesh lockers, workbenches, PVC Strip curtains.






Bespoke Range Rovers Precision engineering and fabrication Medical trolleys and cabinets  


ESE Engineering
MDS Trolley


Industrial Bin Cleaning      
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